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Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence is the realm of computer science that focuses on creating a machine that performs like a human and carries out the task that really requires a human to do such as Speech recognition, visual perception, learning, planning, problem-solving. It is the concept where the machines are programmed in such a way to perform intelligence activities that are possible with the presence of a human. Artificial Intelligence (AI) outperforms human by performing all the activities so perfectly with greater accuracy; thus improving the business operation and efficiency by reducing the manpower needed for operating and moreover in a quick and expeditious manner.

When it comes to the complexity of Artificial Intelligence, it is actually programming the computers for certain attributes such as Visual Perception, Reasoning, Problem-solving, Planning, & Competence to manipulate and move objects. Knowledge Designing is a core part of AI research. This is because the machine reacts like human and it requires abundant information relating to the world for performing like a human. This is why AI must avail access to objects, properties, and relations between all of them to achieve knowledge engineering.

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Machine Learning Concept

Machine learning is the branch of Artificial Intelligence that has the capability to identify patterns and make decisions. It is the advancement in a technology that helps to automate the business models. Machine learning is structured by algorithms to solve system problems without any human interventions. In Machine learning, the machine vision uses sensory inputs to sense the different aspects of the world, while computer vision uses visual recognition like facial recognition and more.


Ninos IT Solution is a leading Machine Learning Service Company that offers typical Machine learning (ML) services which is highly essential for the applications that require ML support to leverage business operation efficiency. Wherever it is applicable in your E-commerce Website or Mobile Application development; our expert use sophisticated algorithms, coding, and platforms to design the Machine learning concept and leverage your Mobile App with more AI features like a chatbot, Online customer support, and on-the-go problem-solving. While adding such AI features makes your App superpower as it especially focuses on resolving out a customer problem directly interacting with them with the presence of a human.


Ninos IT Solution undertakes challenging machine learning services and its associated platforms:

Tensor Flow

TensorFlow is an end-to-end open source platform for engineering Machine Learning. Tensor flow provides a collection of workflows that can be used to develop and train models. It comprises ecosystem of flexible tools, libraries and community resources that lets developers easily build and deploy ML powered applications.

Easy Model Building

Using Tensor Flow you can easily build ML models using intuitive high-level APIs which makes for immediate model iteration and easy debugging.

Robust ML Production Anywhere

ML can be produced anywhere meaning that it can be easily trained & deploy models in the cloud, browser or on-device -no matter what language you use.

Powerful Experimentation for research

This simple & flexible architecture take new ideas from concept to code complying with state-of-the-art model & making the publication faster.


The chatbot is a computer language or an AI uses machine learning that helps in establishing a conversation via textual methods in messaging applications, websites, Mobile Apps. A chatbot is often a promising interface of establishing interaction between humans and machines.

To scale up your operations

Business can leverage its value that it needs to enter new markets by employing chatbot solutions which will complement the human task force.

Handle a lot of customer queries

As the ChatBot could screen calls from customers & redirect them to human agents when required, it can easily handle manifold queries at a time.

You have a range of nearly identical products or services

If you are selling products and your customers need help in selecting the right one Chatbots can assist customers in selecting the right one.


Natural Language Processing (NLP) is a branch of Artificial Intelligence (AI) that helps the machine to read text & a human’s ability to understand a language. NLP method includes linguistics, statistics, ML to extract entities and understand the context, which enables the understanding of what’s being said or written in a comprehensive way. NLP helps the computer understand sentences as they are spoken or written by a human.


Being the quality Natural Language Processing (NLP) service provider, our expert team delivers the excellent solution by processing NLP in your Web Application, Mobile Application, Websites and establishing a platform where machine deals and performs certain activities that actually require the role of a human. NLP can provide awesome customer support by understanding the sentences spoken or written by the customer and can play a vital role in providing end-end online customer support.

Recommender System

A recommender system uses Machine Learning (ML) to learn about user choices and recommend appropriate products to users. It is a computer program which helps a user to explore products and content based on the user’s rating of each item and which helps in showing a user the items that they would highly rate. If you’ve ever looked for books on Amazon you would have come across the recommender system but without knowing it actually the recommender system. With online shopping, consumers have nearly infinite choices; where the recommendation system play an important role in helping users to find products and content they care about.

Machine learning Model

A machine learning model is the mathematical representation of a real-world process that facilitates trained data to an ML (Machine Learning) algorithm for learning. This learning algorithm explores patterns in the trained data such that the input parameters correspond to the target. The outcome derived is a machine learning model which you can then use to make predictions.

Image Classification using Deep Neural Network

This concept is a subset of Machine Learning Algorithms which is prominent in recognizing patterns. But to do so it needs a large number of data. Deep learning outperforms in recognizing objects in images that are implemented using three or more layers of artificial neural networks where each layer is responsible for extracting one or more feature of the image. Neural Network is a computational model that works in a similar way to the neurons in the human brain.