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Event Management Software is a set of solutions that help the event organizers and event management Industry to streamline the various activities involved in organizing an event effectively through a robust Event Management Software. It covers the different aspects of organizing an event, from planning to post-event stages. The event management software may vary in the way how event management company or event organizers would prefer and based on their tailored requirements. Some type of event management system provides the solution for the entire event lifecycle, while others may focus on the specific process of event hosting, that may include registration, ticketing, floor planning, schedules, analytics, and surveys. This Event Management Software can streamline or automate the back office processes in hosting an event meaning that from pre-event to post-event it provides an efficient and cost-effective solution.

Event management software provides a single medium that coordinates the tasks and activities performed not only by the event team and other teams who are involved in organizing the event like sales & marketing, logistics, accounting, and travel management. A change with one may reflect the entire system and to resolve this everyone should update the latest information in the system. The changes may be a shift in venue, increase in attendance, change in menu, etc. are cases that require quick coordination among teams. This software enables open and clear communication between the players involved in event organizing. Hence, coherency and productivity are highly achieved.


Event Management Features

  • Delegate Registration (Online / Spot Registration)
  • Delegates verified by Barcode Scanning / QR Code Scanning
  • Delegates Pass Printing for Hall Entries
  • User Registraion by using Kiosk
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Ecphasis Infotech is one of the leading Software Development Company providing a diversified range of Software development services to on-shore, off-shore and globalized clients who want to put their service accessible by all people around the globe and most preferably their targeted audience. We provide software solutions for all sorts of Industry category. Being expertise in delegating first-class software development service, our outcomes are recognized for its quintessential. Our tailor-made event management software helps event management business to host the event perfectly without leaving any loophole and clinching the requirements given by the clients.